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Kia Ora!

You're the whole reason we started this company

We know how hard you've been working to put our planet and people before profit. We're here to support you.

When your charity partners with Choice, Kiwis will be able to redirect half of their transaction fee to you every time they pay for something. Apply today and we will start the charity selection process.

Kiwis are paying

hundreds of millions

of dollars in transaction fees.

That’s not the Choice way, but this is ...

Choice will redirect
of transactions fees to New Zealand charities!

It costs $0 for your charity

Choice is lowering the transaction fee cost for Kiwi merchants and
redirecting half the fee to charities like yours.

Apply as a charity

Sign-up your charity so more Kiwis can support the good work you do.

When people use Choice to pay at our participating stores, they'll get to choose which charity they direct 50% of their Choice transaction fee to.